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Fall Salad

Fast, healthy food in the heart of Dublin City


Fresh. Fast. Delicious.

Danu believes good, clean food is a no-brainer. Fast food doesn't need to be heavy and unheathy. We want to bring a fresh idea to the city center for all to enjoy.

Hang out and get a little work done or grab and go. Your day is busy and we want to help you stay full, be healthy, and hopefully a warm friendly stop along the way!


Click & Collect including

Curb Side Pick-up is now available!





We currently offer a click and collect including curbside pick up.

We are so excited to let you know our delivery service will launch shortly! The drivers will be paid a fair wage, treated with respect, and also get a free lunch!

If you know a local small business that would like to join our delivery group, please let us know. The more the merrier!

Don't forget to join our mailing list to make sure you get all the latest information.

Unfortunately, we have turned off Deliveroo. With the rising cost of living, we felt that the "suggestion" of raising prices to satisfy Deliveroo's 30% plus vat charge was not an option. Additionally, many drivers are renting accounts from Irish citizens and paid very little, often not getting online tips, so they understandably resort to stealing food. We have absolutely zero ability to control how that is handled or even have the ability to talk to the drivers. Deliveroo does not give us any information or any way to contact you after delivery.

Please try to tip drivers in cash if you can.

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